The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has partnered with Fira Barcelona – the organizer of the international benchmark event, Smart City Expo World Congress, to host Smart City Expo Doha 2019 on 30 & 31 October 2019, at the Qatar IT Exhibition and Conference(QITCOM), an international conference and exhibition on innovative and disruptive technologies.

Smart City Expo Doha 2019 aims to gather Smart City experts from all around the world to discuss and think of possible solutions to the challenges cities are facing nowadays by means of innovation and new technologies that are advancing the urban future.

Smart Cities emerge as a framework response to the complexities of an urbanizing World in the digital era. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2040, 65% of the world’s population will be already living in cities. This is building a scenario where cities are gaining an important role as drivers of the global economy and wealth, along with their substantial position as urban services providers to serve the needs of urban dwellers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure their efficiency, sustainability and quality of life through their infrastructures, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), buildings, resources, natural environment, transportation systems and services. In other words, innovative and transformative urban initiatives in cities aim to boost economic development, social cohesion, participation, city administration and infrastructure management, reshaping the way cities are managed in a smarter way.

Applying technologies such as the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) or the Internet of Things (IoT), helps to move towards the digital transformation of how cities work and public services operate and therefore, towards more efficient and sustainable cities. Nowadays, there are many forms in which different technological solutions and devices mediate our daily lives, from smart building monitoring and managing energy usage, to autonomous vehicles, e-governance, artificial intelligence, Big Data or blockchain, amongst others. All of them are already changing the workplace, industries, life-style, infrastructures, mobility, etc., and represent an opportunity for decision-takers at public and private levels to make a difference in the way cities will develop in the coming years. Qatar has been a frontrunner in the efforts of making the smart city ideals a reality and represents an example of how to bring together ambition, long-term vision, technological capacities and talent to turn smart city potential into actionable projects.

The congress is a superb opportunity for public authorities, private company leaders, international agencies, R&D organizations, think tanks, etc., to discuss the state of the art technologies, the disruptions to come and the challenges around smart cities, while also sharing their visions and experiences. The overarching aim of the congress, as the ultimate aspiration of smart cities, is how to ensure livable and resilient digital cities by focusing on lean and agile governments, business opportunities powered by disruptive technologies, the quest for more sustainable urban environments and the changes digital technologies will bring in the proximate future.

More specifically, over two days cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and urban planning will be addressed as the four main topics presenting initiatives and projects about fostering the entrepreneurial scene in cities, innovation hubs and districts, automation in infrastructures, smart transportation and government.

Smart City Expo World Congress

Smart City Expo World Congress  organized by Fira de Barcelona, one of the largest fair trade organizations in Europe, is the world's leading event for smart cities and the international reference summit for the development of our cities. 

The event brings together the highest level of professionals in the smart city to inspire a provocative debate about the link between urban reality and the technological revolution, facilitate networking, share ideas and international trade agreements. 

Thus, the event is the perfect platform to learn from international experts, present projects, network and identify new business opportunities and collaboration with companies and institutions globally.

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Smart City Expo World Congress expands all around the world throught it's abroad editions

In 2019, Doha will join cities as Curitiba (Brasil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Puebla (México),
Kyoto (Japan) or Atlanta (USA) being the hosts of this year's SCEWC sin offs.

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Hear the critical lessons, inspiring stories, and valuable insights shared by 2019 experts and speakers.


Under the motto “Safe Smart Cities” Smart City Expo Doha 2019 brings together Smart City experts from all around the world to discuss and exchange ideas and solutions to the challenges our cities face. Over the span of two days, internationally recognized speakers will explain, discuss, inspire and exchange knowledge and innovative ideas on the development of smart cities.

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